yes I am ready for the tv show

yes I am ready for the tv show

a scenario that makes me happy - converging fandoms and terrible writing

On the trail of a new job, Sam and Dean are driving through a quaint little town, and see this huge pie crust on a building. Dean, being Dean, makes them stop. It’s the Pie Hole, of course.

They come in, and take a seat, and Chuck is there with a big smile to take their orders. Ned is happily at work in the kitchen, occasionally pausing to scratch Digby, or take a quick look out at his customers.

In one booth, Emerson and Olive sit discussing the recent, suspicious death of a local man. Olive is talking at high speeds, trying to puzzle out the details, while Emerson wonders if the Pie Maker will consent to helping him out. He seemed unsure of this particular case, for some reason.

Two booths over, Sherlock sits quietly with John. He caught wind of a most intriguing case in America, in the vicinity of the Pie Maker, and decided to pay him a visit. He owed him a great deal. His life, in fact. No one else could have done what Ned had that day at the hospital. 

Sitting at the counter, a young flame-haired lady and her husband are enjoying cup-pies and some tea, abroad on holiday. 

Chuck arrives at the Winchester boy’s table, with their pie and coffee, and  with a winning smile, Dean casually inquires about the murdered man they’re after. 

The heads of Emerson, Olive, Sherlock and John whip around to stare at the boys. Eyes narrow as they all realize they are on the same scent, and a few awkward moments of silence fall. Chuck darts a look at the Pie Maker, and as he opens his mouth, the bell on the door tinkles, and an odd-looking man in a bow-tie bursts through the door, a stern man in a trench coat in tow. 

The couple at the counter turn their heads, and the woman is first to speak, eyes wide. 


Dean splutters. 

"Cas? What are you doing here? Who is that?"

"An old friend. Look. The thing that you’re hunting… It’s not what you think it is."

The man in the bow tie pipes up, visibly excited. “It’s most certainly not. In fact, I’ve never seen the like before. Fascinating.” 

Ned comes around from the kitchen, eyebrows furrowed, headed straight for the door. Silently, he turns the sign on the door to “CLOSED,” and proceeds to close the blinds.

Removing his apron and dusting flour from his hands, he looks around at the collection of people, and finally speaks, with arms crossed uncomfortably.

"What’s going on, here?"


Lee Pace in Ceremony


Lee Pace in Ceremony


i heard on the directors commentary of Mrs Pettigrew Saves the day that the director said that Lee had alot more dialog  but said that Lee’s ability to say more with his his eyes and looks 

they took some of the dialog away

this is my favorite thing about Ned his ability to say more with his eyes then words  



Sherlock/Pushing Daisies crossover requested by cheekbones-and-a-good-coat


No, no, it’s fine. I’m just hyperventilating like crazy over here, no need to send an ambulance or anything, I’m sure I’ll recover a;sldkfjapow;eidjklscmxn;f EIPADO:?KSLCXYOHGODYESPLEASE


except then…who dies in his place?

I think Sherlock is really just friends with the Piemaker

He actually killed himself. Ned just woke him back up. 

Ned has the same dishes we do…. Fiestaware XD