We looked at this in my photography class, I absolutely love it.

Canon PowerShot SD940 IS


Opened Christmas presents tonight. This was from my cousin…. I also opened a gift from him with two DVDs in it. One was the Fall, and the other was Drive Angry - a movie I have never seen or had any interest in seeing. Probably it’s because he knows I hate Nicholas Cage, and/or we watched Kickass last Christmas and laughed for two days about him burning alive. 

Anyway. It was a good haul. I also got In Bruges, the Fountain, an Iron & Wine CD, some clothes, 30 Rock, V for Vendetta (the novel)  and The Visual Miscellaneum (WHICH IS AN AMAZING BOOK OH MY GOD). 





30 Rock, 5x16 TGS Hates Women


NYU, standing in for a private school.

Why wasn’t Chloe Moretz nominated? She’s Jack’s most worth adversary.

Don’t really know what I’m doing with tumblr. Considering I’ve got a whopping total of one follower at the moment, and I haven’t got anything interesting to say, this post is born less out of any narcissistic delusion of people caring what I say and more out of boredom and internet-access. ENJOY, nobody. :D

Watching Craig (Ferguson - I will say his last name this once, because you know who I’m talking about. If you don’t, you should. Hint- he’s Scottish, and the only bearable late-night talk show host I’ve found. (Although I hear Fallon’s decent)). He’s talking about Dr. Who, Comic-Con and general geekdom. I’ll wait while you go look him up, lovely, unaware nerd-peoples.

Recently started watching the “Dr. Whos” on netflix after probably a year of my cousin and best friend telling me I should. I always knew I’d like it, considering that they, along with my FAVORITE celebrities (Craig and the boys of Nerdist) are Whovians, and they all have very good taste. I finally just watched it. Needless to say,  I’m a little obsessed. 

I say a little. I mean helplessly. Work is the only thing that keeps me from going on a week-long netflix binge. 


(Is this a little like my “formal” introduction to the world of tumblr?) It is now.

I LIKE: Nerds. The Nerdist podcast/Chris Hardwick. Craig Ferguson. Mythbusters. Community. 30 Rock. Dr. Who. Wheel of Time. Lotr. Harry Potter. How to Train Your Dragon. Libba Bray. Batman. Wolverine. Groucho Marx.  Movies. Imdb. Regina Spektor. Muse. Beirut. Old music. New music. Pigs. Poodles. STUFF. EVERYTHING. 

I DO NOT LIKE: Taylor Swift, dishonest people and Ed Hardy. Amongst other things. 

I REALLY REALLY LIKE: Honey Mustard & Onion pretzels and a diet pepsi. Breakfast of champions, folks. 

So. Nice to meet you all (?) #excessiveuseofparentheses  

P.S. I just came from twitter. Is it cool if I hashtag here?