Tom Hiddleston reading “The Kingdom of Earth”, an erotic short story by Tennessee Williams 

23:02 I spread my legs and she come towards me and stopped besides the cock and stroked it and kissed it like it was something Holy. 

23:39 I ripped the drawers off her bottom and then I climbed on.  She put the head of it in. I give a push and she yelled out, “GOD, ALMIGHTY.”  I drew back and gave it another shove and she said, “Oh, Blessed Mary.”  She said her prayers all the time I was givin’ it to her.  And when I come she did at the same time and I swear her yellin’ nearly took the roof off “OH BLESSED MARY, MOTHER OF GOD”

omfg is this legit I can’t handle the-omg


jesus chrisT

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    Hi, Tom Hiddleson? Yeah, Stop THE VOICE PORN HURTS ME. UGH.
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    Hmmmmm this reappearing on my dash might be a good enough reason to listen to it again…
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    Memo to self, don’t just click play and go on with something else! READ THE FUCKING DESCRIPTION, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU ARE...
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    Oh I have a feeling I’ll be too busy whimpering to be complaining ;))
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    Oh jaysus…
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    Tolerance is a GOOD thing. A really, really good thing. Consider it research for your soul.
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    Step Four is called “research” ;)